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Patti Reilly - Welcome! I find Patti's words to be very honest and sincere, wish her well. I remember her first time on the air. she and Lena
Interview with Patti Reilly
Patti Reilly - Welcome!
Official site of Patti Reilly. A QVC host and television personality. QVC Host Patti Reilly, Long-Rumored To Be.
Patti Reilly - Welcome!

Why Former QVC Host Patti Reilly is.

Pati reilly qvc

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  • Patti Reilly will be hosting her final show Friday 3/11/11 at 10:00pm ET during Friday Night Beauty. Patti’s career at QVC began in 2000. She
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    QVC Host Patti Reilly Bids A Teary.
    03.05.2011 ∑ Judging by the search terms that lead people to Dialing with Pencils, a lot of people are wondering why former QVC host Patti Reilly is moving to to Los

    27.02.2011 ∑ Another long-time QVC host is flying the coop. Patti Reilly is following Lisa Mason out the door. Reilly posted the news on her blog, on her own website.
    Patti Reilly Leaving QVC...
    Patti actually quit QVC twice. The first time was at the end of 2008. She asked for her job back and QVC agreed. (She even said so on the air.)
    Where did Patti Reilly go to from QVC? Los Angeles. Did Patti Reilly leave QVC? Yes, she did. March 11, 2011, was Patti Reilly's last day at QVC.
    Ideen fŁr mich! Riesenauswahl zu Schnšppchenpreisen jetzt bei QVC.
    12.03.2011 ∑ We came in on the tail end of Patti Reilly’s final show on QVC, and she has wiped tears from her eyes several times as we were watching. She is going to

    Wow! QVC host Patti Reilly quit last.

    When did Patti Reilly leave QVC

    Pati reilly qvc

    QVC Host Patti Reilly, Long-Rumored To Be. .
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